Christian Madonna

International Development and Communications Professional


I find the ways to improve the way stories are told and strategies are executed for international development organizations to engage funders, donors, governments, partners, and people with every new development and project. I create solutions using digital media to engage the public so that they know who we organizations are and why what we are doing matters.



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Learn more about me and the work I do and can do for you. I am based in Washington, D.C. and specialize in international development communications and research. I am always seeking out the next big opportunity to do good work for a good cause!



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I write about the future, about topics relating to the environment, water, food, politics and culture.

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Listen more to hear hilarious tales of mythology retold over several bottles of wine in Drunk Mythology, or take a dive into a fascinating storytelling adventure through a post-apocalyptic world in the United States of Apocalypsia.



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Check out my latest projects in photography, videos, and building.

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